Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tarp and the likes

Rolled tarps are at the other room waiting to be hang on or put on. I don't if the boss is just waiting for me to act upon it or he's just busy to face it. I once heard him say "look for an area where we can put this tarps", but since it needs some drilling on the walls I cannot help him and so the tarps are just lying there.
We have printed a lot of pictures and tarps for the office use and have paid a lot too. If we only have a printing source/tool like printing america, we probably have save a lot of money. I hope the boss would come across this page and learn.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Such a brave little one

It's hard to be a mom looking at your dearest little one having injections.  My girl would just look at me and "mommy" then look at the needle that is being thrust into the back of her hand. She did cry very loud at the first it was done with her. 
I felt the pain of course but I tried my best to be composed and relax, but actually I'm not and all I want and prayed that I can take my baby back home again.

(my little girl in the mci hospital)


That is short for "Oh my...!" Life can never be quiet and lonely here at the office with my baby girl. It seems that no matter I tried to relax it simply just don't occur to me. She knows my drawer and eventually memorized what's inside every drawer.
Now I cannot help but wonder how it feels to be focused and productive and not being destructed.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Typhoon Yolanda hits my province (Abuyog Leyte)

I heard from the news last night that it would hit my province last night. I kept on calling my Dad's phone to get updates but his phone is dead. I hope and pray that the typhoon is not that bad in where they are even though the news says it's the strongest. I trust the Lord that He's protection is over my families. 
Pray with us.

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