Friday, September 27, 2013

Home and doing house chores

Almost done with the laundry co's I'm on the last part.. spinning it. The people working on the other house is keeping my speedy work. sigh! Looking at the them working there makes me kind of wish they also have done like that with our house before we moved in. For sure we have less frustration about our house these days specially when the rain starts pouring.

Hubby called the Engineer in-charge of water proofing this morning to know when they will come to fix the house, he just said on Wednesday again after the many days he promise he will. I do hope that they'll  buy epoxy I mean the right epoxy to use so that it won't be washed away again when another rain comes again.

Hoping for better days!

Excited Much

It was twenty zero zero eight when I last head a ministry to the youth and the kids. Feeling exhausted of heading a ministry at church for over nine years, so after I got married I told my church leaders that I will rest from  doing it and will come back again when I'm ready. Well when you do the ministry for a long time you really know what I mean when I said I felt very exhausted.

Now.. I'm ready and very excited for  the come back. Not maybe at the same church where I used to be a full time worker. Hubby are starting it with because we saw the need of starting it. Then come what may... the Lord is in our side and I know that for sure.

Monday, September 16, 2013

House Issues

The rain is hitting hard on my house again. The walls are some kind of a sponge where it take all the water rain, then since there's loads of rain for two consecutive nights, it somewhat overflowed in our inside.  We could see the water on our walls seems ready to explode. There is nothing we can do but sigh and hope that the people in-charge would do something about it quickly co's every time we told them about our house issues it would take them months to address it.

Good thing though... we were able to little by little beautify our house and has manage to change knobs too in spite of financial issues. Yesterday hubby was able to put a nice big mirror on our wall above our television set.

There are loads of things to be done still but we are happy that little by little we finally put things in order, even though we are still in need of more knob changing... just thinking now the  amount of push-pull knobs should I be saving to get a quality one.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Browsing on how to get to Tibet

There are  so many permits to get, many docs to provide  to visit this amazing place. It has been my dream ever since I was young to set foot on this place. I really hope that one day..someday.. my dreams will come true. As for now what I can do is know the rules and regulations so that when the days comes.. it's not that hard for me. :)