Sunday, August 11, 2013

First Thing

Coming to an office with no internet is quite boring. I’m glad that at least I have this computer where I can write down my thoughts. I wish we have a secretary in here where I can talk to.  Or just wishing my hubbyness is part of this organization as well so that there is him and me in here working, at least there is someone I’m sure would do the things I won’t like running errands.

Here I am again staring at my keyboard hoping I’ll be able to start work.  So much paper works is really not my forte’ of work. I guess I’m better outside having a deep talk with people, but the trouble about it is… I become too involve with their problems that I feel so tired after the talk.  But I love having a deep conversation with people encouraging them to continue living right…  though doing the right things seems the hardest thing to do.

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