Sunday, August 25, 2013

If only

...hubby could convert our other room into a mini-studio and not needing it for dining space he might have done it without even asking for my permission. His guitar is at our missions center together with his other gadgets, though his mini-speaker is here at our house and he doesn't like that set-up. He wants his stuff near and at viewable area. :)

He once told me told me that he wants another brand new guitar along with new guitar gadgets. I wonder if he heard about behringer ada8000 ultragain pro 8-ch a/d & d/a converter and I am so interested of what are his thoughts. For sure he'll be like... "look friends check this out" to his band mates.

He made me wish we have a bigger house with lots of room and space.

Friday, August 23, 2013

1 Corinthians 13

I have memorized these verses so many times, have read it many times as well but up to now I I have not fully memorized it. Probably  because I have not memorized it by heart. I just hope though that when I try to do it again... I mean.. read and read and re-read, I'll be able to memorized it by heart, so that every time I get angered I think of these and be back to my beautiful again.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I wish

..that after all the worries the typhoon had inflect me, someone would give me a free whole body massage, a gift check for shopping, booked me a room in a five star hotel, give me and hubby the provision and time to go on a date, someone would send me  thousands of dollars to fix the damage the monsoon caused, and then I wish too that aside from the above mention wishes.. someone will give me a box of wholesale jewelry accessories.

I know that I am just day dreaming but the feeling is good when you wish even though you know full well it won't happen.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

First Thing

Coming to an office with no internet is quite boring. I’m glad that at least I have this computer where I can write down my thoughts. I wish we have a secretary in here where I can talk to.  Or just wishing my hubbyness is part of this organization as well so that there is him and me in here working, at least there is someone I’m sure would do the things I won’t like running errands.

Here I am again staring at my keyboard hoping I’ll be able to start work.  So much paper works is really not my forte’ of work. I guess I’m better outside having a deep talk with people, but the trouble about it is… I become too involve with their problems that I feel so tired after the talk.  But I love having a deep conversation with people encouraging them to continue living right…  though doing the right things seems the hardest thing to do.