Sunday, July 14, 2013

Laos... here he comes you better be good with him.
I'm torn between it's okay and not of this hubby's trip to Laos for several reasons. I know that I'm taught to believe this saying "when the Lord send you to missions He'll also sends you the provisions". I believe that He is able but the waiting is just too painful.  Hubby left already and nothing is heard about the provisions yet but I know that somewhere there the blessings is about to fall. I/we just have to go through with the waiting process.

My hopes are still up and I'm hoping that hubby will got bless while he's in there with financial provision and of course somehow would bring me a ring from Joy Jewelers and that would make my day the greatest. I've been telling him to give me a ring and this just the perfect one. Lovely!

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