Wednesday, July 31, 2013

He promised and so I trust!

I strongly believe that God fulfill His promise, and all that He wants me to do is be still and wait upon on Him. It's hard and I'm not denying it. There are times that I became hopeless and don't trust God anymore but every time I come into my senses I asked for forgiveness from being doubtful.

I hope and pray that I will indeed praise Him as I wait for Him to finally do His promise. It has been said that "heaven and earth may fail but the Word of God will prevail."

Happy day :)

It's really hard to come to the office with daughter specially in the morning when almost all the buses are jam packed with people who are rushing to get to their work on time. I was restless this morning co's I don't know how to hold the time to keep it from running so that I could arrive at the office earlier than expected.

I have to pushed people from the bus isle so that my two year would not be crushed. We took here with us today because we have family retreat tomorrow till Saturday with my office mates. I thinking of staying here at the office and have asked my boss if  we can stay for the night. After my boss saying yes to me hubby came with a hotel key on his hands telling he just booked us a room at the hotel. Woot! woot!

He got a free accommodation room at the hotel where we used to booked our visitors. So since he has done that a lot of time and haven't got any freebies he tried to asked this time if he could and got one. Wish I could get hubby a mxl mics for his being so resourceful.  For sure it would made his day too as he made mine. :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Throwback: back then

Look at us, we're young skinny and free. Oh college life.. my friends made you very remembering. My days then would never that be meaningful without them.

I miss you all so much friends.


Friday, July 26, 2013

More stuff in mind

I'm thankful that God has allowed us to get a house we can call ours. Though I can say that it's not the perfect house or my dream house but still it's my our house. My house is too small for a couch, a fridge and other necessary things a house must have.

Much that I want to have a gas fireplace mantel in my house the space won't permit me. I know we live in a tropical country and a fireplace is not necessary but last night hubby was shaking after we came home soaked with rain co's we forgot to bring our raincoats to work. Two hours in the rain is really bad, but what can we do all we've got as a vehicle to get us to work and back is a motorcycle.

I know someday God will grant us a car or our dream mini-van. Someday!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A little uneasy

..not to mention annoyed. I know my work and how things work.  I get a little out of control about hubby’s decision making as well. When he would tell me things about his work and the people  working with him I get a little angry and part of me would want to yell at him to stop it co’s it’s driving me crazy.
It’s just… some people needs a little yelling to get them back to their reasonable thinking. I’m keeping my tongue on leash but my mind is in engaging in battle. I’m like a boiling pot ready to explode.  So scary… me!

Yet in all these that is happening inside of me… I yield myself to God trusting Him to hold me close and never let me go.     

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Laos... here he comes you better be good with him.
I'm torn between it's okay and not of this hubby's trip to Laos for several reasons. I know that I'm taught to believe this saying "when the Lord send you to missions He'll also sends you the provisions". I believe that He is able but the waiting is just too painful.  Hubby left already and nothing is heard about the provisions yet but I know that somewhere there the blessings is about to fall. I/we just have to go through with the waiting process.

My hopes are still up and I'm hoping that hubby will got bless while he's in there with financial provision and of course somehow would bring me a ring from Joy Jewelers and that would make my day the greatest. I've been telling him to give me a ring and this just the perfect one. Lovely!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

my beautiful little boss

My little girl is with me today at the office. My life here was normally quiet and all is just work and internet. Then she came along today and my little quiet world is turned upside down.

Edited her own photo