Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In-laws vs Apari trips

We are set for our summer holy week trip to Apari. I've thinking about this place since I was a kid and now that friends are going there I am determined to go to. All is set and we are about to book our flight next week. Hubby and I are excited about it when my hubby's sister announced that she's going to get married on the 27th day of this month the next day that were out.

I'm a little **** I want to be of both places but I think we will go on with the trip instead and just have dinner with the couple when we return, there is nothing going on aside from the civil wedding that will take place at the town municipality. Sister-in-law is ten weeks pregnant and the wedding. So I guess we'll just celebrate it after the wedding and the trip.

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  1. psst!! mag eroplano kayo papuntang Apari? :) sosyal!