Friday, February 15, 2013

So many mission trips

Hubby's calendar is full of missions trips local and abroad. He came home the other day telling me about mobilizing youth to come with him to a mission trip to Laos Cambodia.  We thought that there doing it in Sabah Indonesia but apparently they changes their mind and headed for Cambodia instead, and he is needing   500 dollars for that trip. Just to think that the trip is on May.

Not only that... hubby has local trips too.  On April hubby is going to Mindoro for Global Intercessor activity  and he's attending a youth camp in Davao in May as well.

Then we also have personal trips.  Last week next month hubby and I together with some friends are going to Apari and going home to visit my family after seven years in Leyte on June.

So many trips.... so little money and has no paying jobs.  So help us God!

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