Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's flying with flyers

It's like Christmas season again in the Philippines because it's about voting time again. Election is near and when times like this comes  the politician are being generous  or too generous to get the people's heart and vote. Some people because of poverty take advantage of this opportune time. As for me... they would never buy my vote. I may be in a dire need of cash these days but my vote is just too precious.

For sure the most demand service these days is printing or flyer prints, businesses like this are too busy printing flyers, banners, streamers, and other election paraphernalia. I just hope and pray that those who would be elected will indeed do their job and won't   take advantage of it.

God bless the Philippines!

My trip to Apari might not happen

It sees that we are the only person in the world that is very much struggling when it comes to finances. But of course I know that this is not true because there are suffering from severe loss than I do. Yet this struggle I'm feelin is just crazy as it be. How I wish now that I have a paying job.

Our trip to Apari might get cancel (just me, Ziah and hubby though) co's we don't have the money for this anymore, have given it to mom-in-law already to help her for whatever helps it may gives her.

Monday, February 18, 2013


In spite of what we are going through with finances right now, I am still very much thankful that not all source are closing just some. I believe with the saying that "a door may be close, but the windows are still open!". Lacking in finances won't bring me too low I must say but the thought of it could weakens me, but definitely could not turn me upside down.

There are still poorer than me I know and yet could manage spend their little cash on something not beneficial. I'm not against those people who smoke a punch cigars for I know they can afford to spend extra money for this. As for I just don't have the means for this specially this kind of time.

Trying to stay calm

Mind and heart is at war this time. Trying to be brave and strong for the sake of my hubby. When financial issues hit you hard it mostly weakens your strong will to continue serving Him without thinking of doing the other way.

I know very well that days like this will definitely come, but God has warned us about this too. He did not just only warned us but has given us His unwavering promises.

Now.. I tried to stay calm in the midst of our financial storms knowing God has his special ways in providing all our needs.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Need a rice and coffee break

My church is on a fast for forty days and so do I. I just select a meal and some other food that I mostly eat and beverage that I mostly drinks like coffee and rice. Actually I'm on my fifth day now and still counting. I maybe don't eat rice and don't drink coffee but I ate loads of veges and don't do much physical work. So instead of losing it I kind of gain more weight.

How I wish I have some friends near my house where we can do some workout together somewhere or even just here at the house. I actually we can also do yoga co's there are loads of yoga dvds where we can get on stores now.

Actually, all  I need is a motivator.

So many mission trips

Hubby's calendar is full of missions trips local and abroad. He came home the other day telling me about mobilizing youth to come with him to a mission trip to Laos Cambodia.  We thought that there doing it in Sabah Indonesia but apparently they changes their mind and headed for Cambodia instead, and he is needing   500 dollars for that trip. Just to think that the trip is on May.

Not only that... hubby has local trips too.  On April hubby is going to Mindoro for Global Intercessor activity  and he's attending a youth camp in Davao in May as well.

Then we also have personal trips.  Last week next month hubby and I together with some friends are going to Apari and going home to visit my family after seven years in Leyte on June.

So many trips.... so little money and has no paying jobs.  So help us God!