Monday, January 21, 2013

With the not good people

I met another friend when I went to see a friend. It's just good to see people who don't usually see that just give you good normal vibes. This friend lady were struggling financially the past few years co's not only they have little money they also have loads of children. She has eight and probably counting but the good thing now is she has a little business that is growing bigger and is really a big help financially to the family.

The place where she us residing right now is a den of criminals and some people that is being hunted by the law.  She said that a neighbor was being abducted and was brought to a place where it looks like it was an abandoned building but in there where loads of children ages from 1-10 both boys and girls.

I wonder though if those people who abducted these children are drugged people reason why they don't take pity on them. If only I could go there and rescue those kids and do a random clia waived test on those people and see if they are under drugs and send those abductors in jail specially their mastermind.

If only! All I can do this time is pray!

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