Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just here sitting

I'm  home browsing, thinking and writing. I have so much in mind about the future. I cannot help but think of a beautiful kitchen and buying a car.  You can't blame me if I'm thinking like this co's I'm married and renting a house, I have an almost two year old girl and we have only motorcycle for a ride. So now my mind is full of thoughts on how we could surpass all these and live a simple yet easy life.

Actually, aside from the serious thoughts I have, I also am thinking about going somewhere where I could relax and forget about the real world. I wish I'm in Banff where I could go skiing with friends and just forget the super warm world where I am now. Thinking I am now putting my ski to a thule ski racks for a rest after a tiring but fun day.

The reality is... I'm just right here in front of my netbook writing while looking after my baby.

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