Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just here sitting

I'm  home browsing, thinking and writing. I have so much in mind about the future. I cannot help but think of a beautiful kitchen and buying a car.  You can't blame me if I'm thinking like this co's I'm married and renting a house, I have an almost two year old girl and we have only motorcycle for a ride. So now my mind is full of thoughts on how we could surpass all these and live a simple yet easy life.

Actually, aside from the serious thoughts I have, I also am thinking about going somewhere where I could relax and forget about the real world. I wish I'm in Banff where I could go skiing with friends and just forget the super warm world where I am now. Thinking I am now putting my ski to a thule ski racks for a rest after a tiring but fun day.

The reality is... I'm just right here in front of my netbook writing while looking after my baby.

My mind is rolling again

Got the chance to talked with my youth pastor (before) and team leader (just recently) and soon-to-be boss (soon) about a job opportunity for me. I thank God for giving me hope to find a job that hopefully I like and hoping I'll be getting a good compensation too. 

I told him that I needed some work co's I need some extra cash too. He understand my end. Having a baby, renting a house, paying a loan and bills dues are really a job pusher.  deep sigh!

wish to be back here again and think nothing about dues!

Monday, January 21, 2013

With the not good people

I met another friend when I went to see a friend. It's just good to see people who don't usually see that just give you good normal vibes. This friend lady were struggling financially the past few years co's not only they have little money they also have loads of children. She has eight and probably counting but the good thing now is she has a little business that is growing bigger and is really a big help financially to the family.

The place where she us residing right now is a den of criminals and some people that is being hunted by the law.  She said that a neighbor was being abducted and was brought to a place where it looks like it was an abandoned building but in there where loads of children ages from 1-10 both boys and girls.

I wonder though if those people who abducted these children are drugged people reason why they don't take pity on them. If only I could go there and rescue those kids and do a random clia waived test on those people and see if they are under drugs and send those abductors in jail specially their mastermind.

If only! All I can do this time is pray!

Another Trip planned

Soon I  will be browsing some places to go for a trip in August with my friend. I don't know if I'll be bringing with me my baby girl or I'll just leave her behind with her Daddy and in-laws. A trip that involves no one but myself is a bit stressful co'z i don't know where would I leave my baby when Daddy has to go to work.

Thinking and praying now!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bicolandia trip

South of Luzon, Philippines.

Atimonan, Quezon

Cagsawa Ruins, Albay

Penafracia Chruch

Cagsawa Ruins (Mayon Volcano on the background)

Science Park (Mayon Volcano)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just to remind me this

I saw this on facebook and I really like  it. It reminds me God He does care about me.