Monday, October 8, 2012

could almost smell it

\ faith at least!
Hubby and I are really dreaming and desiring of having a car now or in the future, depends on God alone actually on when He will grant this desire. We feel we really need one because of growing family. Having a daughter and a motorbike doesn't go along together co's a motorbike is only for two person, and that means me and hubby alone.
It's hard to go anywhere with the baby and we don't have the luxury as well to pay for a nanny. Plus, I don't wan't to just trust my responsibility as a mom with  nannies. I wan't to take care of my baby myself and I wan't to bring her to where I am if possible. This is the main reason why we want a car.
In faith actually I almost could hear my car engine. Oh.. I can almost imagine the spur gears of my car, the color and what's it looks like.
I am determined in faith that I'll get a car! Soon! )

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