Friday, September 14, 2012


Actually I've been struggling over extra income/money these days (well... who is not anyway?).  My mind is full of  ideas of how I could earn more but the problem is it's not working. I actually been thinking of putting up a small business but every time I tried to make it happen problems comes my way and so I stopped pursuing it.

Aside from the thoughts of small business, I am as well capable of teaching actually but I won't do that because it requires full time responsibility and knowing I have a one year girl I really can't do it. Probably I will grab a job if given the chance to do tutorials with pay at one of our church. I wish I can be part of falls church english tutors co's I know being part of them means your probably a very good tutor.

I love learning and one of my passion is to teach youth to be better reliable people in their home, school, church, community and the society.

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