Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An issue

My pastor friend is in a not so good situation right now cos there's this person who say bad things about him (He's telling people bad things about my friend co's he/his band bought a gadget from him that is not yet fully paid and he is demanding that they pay him in full the soonest possible now). I can't blame this person of doing such things though because I know he feels he's being  "dinaya", what I just don't understand about this guy too... is why in the amount one thousand five hundred pesos he's making life hard for his brothers in Christ. Another thing that I don't understand  with my friend and guys in general is... they don't take action quickly... they waited for something not good to happen until they act.

I just hope  that things like it would not happen with hubby. Of course I will come in the way between hubby and a wonderful guitar accessories if these things would only do harm with him than good co's I know as well that hubby drools over such stuff :)

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