Friday, September 28, 2012

It's been awhile...

...stress, worries, distress: these just some of what I'm feeling recently. I must admit that knowing God can do all things is the thing that keeps me going. I really can't imagine a life without God. One thing that I want  to do this time is to visit my friend (gigi). At least... I don't have to think when I'm with them co'z I'm all consumed with different talks, giggles and of course my time is consumed with watching over my Ziah.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Actually I've been struggling over extra income/money these days (well... who is not anyway?).  My mind is full of  ideas of how I could earn more but the problem is it's not working. I actually been thinking of putting up a small business but every time I tried to make it happen problems comes my way and so I stopped pursuing it.

Aside from the thoughts of small business, I am as well capable of teaching actually but I won't do that because it requires full time responsibility and knowing I have a one year girl I really can't do it. Probably I will grab a job if given the chance to do tutorials with pay at one of our church. I wish I can be part of falls church english tutors co's I know being part of them means your probably a very good tutor.

I love learning and one of my passion is to teach youth to be better reliable people in their home, school, church, community and the society.

Declaring it today!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An issue

My pastor friend is in a not so good situation right now cos there's this person who say bad things about him (He's telling people bad things about my friend co's he/his band bought a gadget from him that is not yet fully paid and he is demanding that they pay him in full the soonest possible now). I can't blame this person of doing such things though because I know he feels he's being  "dinaya", what I just don't understand about this guy too... is why in the amount one thousand five hundred pesos he's making life hard for his brothers in Christ. Another thing that I don't understand  with my friend and guys in general is... they don't take action quickly... they waited for something not good to happen until they act.

I just hope  that things like it would not happen with hubby. Of course I will come in the way between hubby and a wonderful guitar accessories if these things would only do harm with him than good co's I know as well that hubby drools over such stuff :)

Walang load

Hay... feeling ko di ako malaya sa sarili kong tahanan at lugar na kinabibilangan. Ni hindi nga ako makalabas para magpa-load. Pano kaya ito? Iniisip ko minsan na sana nakalipat na kami dahil doon sa lilipatan namin ay mag-eeffort talaga ako na makipagkaibigan dahil alam kong yon na ang huli namin na lipat.
Hay.... hay talaga ng bonggang bongga.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hubby and friends

It is sad when a good friendship don't last that long due to some misunderstanding. I've heard from hubby that their friend Richie is mad (very mad) at them co'z they were not able to pay him the remaining balance for the music gadget the bought from him. Hubby and friend's just can't resist a gadget when they saw one specially if it's "on sale".  For sure they would drool over an  audio rack specially if it's in good quality and the price is right. If only hubby and I has all the money in the world I would put a music studio in our house. I mean hubby would!

Sino ang walang kasalanan?:

..ay siyang maunang bumato.. lahat at umalis, walang gumawang bumato!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Everything is permissible

...but not everything is beneficial!. This is so true in life that "everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial" co'z we can do all thing according to our hearts desire but not all that these things can benefits us. Most of the things we do want in this life actually brought us heartaches and disappointment's. It's the same thing with smoking as well, those who did this should take it moderately  or maybe try a Rocky Patel but don't abuse it co'z it the abusing thing that brought bad things to us.