Sunday, August 26, 2012

This quote made me smile big time :D

As I was viewing some photo-quotes (whatever you call that) I saw this some and it really made me smile. I myself google(d) things when I don't know or understand about it, and if it's a thing, I asked for an image. It's really true that google helped me a lot but it is very true as well that there a loads of question that google can't answer and only God could!

Believe in God then my friends  because He can answer all your questions!

Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Vitamins for us

Hubby and I are both taking vitamins everyday. Hubby is doing it religiously everyday while me on the other hand kept on forgetting. So sometimes I don't take vitamins for weeks specially when I'm busy and tired. Hubby's little younger sister has a weird thing bout taking tablet or capsule meds. She just can't swallow it no matter how much water she would drink with it.

It's actually interesting as well good to know that there an adult vitamins where it's all in one vitamins from SmartyPants for everyone in the family to enjoy. And for sure I won't forget to take my vitamins specially when I will just chew it like any gummy candy. I hope though that family will be able to try this smartypants vitamins.

Boracay Beach: Philippines


(picture not owned)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mode of payment

Hubby is thinking of transferring our house mode of payment to this housing loan funds program because he thinks that doing would lessen the monthly pay. I don't know how he would do it though, I just pray that whatever would beneficial to us would prevail. As for now, it is under in-house banking payment mode.

For sure there will be a background check for us. I just hope that those background check services people would be nice to us and report good status. I know that when we get CI'd, they won't like the result knowing it's only by God's grace that we'll able to pay it monthly since we're missionaries and we get our monthly pay from sponsors.

Yet I know that God is good and is able to do things, and so I lift up all these things to Him.

Coffee bug

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

never feel like going anywhere

I just hope and pray that flood water would subside soon and the sun would come out to dry away the rain and the water. I am safe and dry but I know that a lot of Filipinos out there are not. 
Praying that help would soon come there way and even though the night is cold, the Lord will give them warmth and good health.
I pray that despite of what happen... their hearts are still hoping, trusting and believing that the Lord is good and still worthy of praise.