Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tired from my travels

As a family: we went to a place called Liliw Laguna (some place here in the Phils.) last Friday night. It was a three hour travel from Makati. We went their for my hubby's first church leaders meeting. We were almost up the whole night co'z the meeting started at nine o'clock in the evening (of course they waited for us to arrive co'z we came later than the first batch of leaders).

We came home in the morning of Saturday but arrived at our house almost night time. Then the following day which was Sunday, hubby and I went to attend our Sunday worship service in the afternoon and came home almost midnight that day. Then came Monday and we have another meeting again then my goddaughter b-day celebration at night. We came home almost midnight again that day.

So now... I got too tired from that activities we had. Poor hubby though co'z he has to do loads of work still today and the following days. I on the other hand is home but feeling tired still.

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