Friday, July 6, 2012

Long distance love affair

Below is a picture of my baby and her tita (aunt) Lian who made an slept-over at our house sometimes two weeks ago. Her fiance' is working overseas reasons why she would wake up anytime at night so that they can have a chat over skype. My sister in-law and her fiance' love my baby Z so much and sister in-law would let my baby talked to him. You can actually see in the picture how the two looked as  they talked to him... they seemed all enjoying on whatever topic they have. Sister in-law had bought a good headphone not just sure if it's a behringer headphones. But I could tell that it's a good one co'z my hubby even liked it and kept on borrowing it from her. Good headphones is really an investment specially when you are having a long distance love affair (in a good way)... just like my sister in-law love affair. :)

tita B-gel and baby Ziah

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