Saturday, July 28, 2012

rare and expensive

I have many plans for this new church that we are helping. Hubby and I are excited for what the Lord will do with this new work he has for us. We have nothing yet: a place for church/office/center/money. But we believe though that the Lord has something in store for us. As for me and hubby our concerns about the church it's more of the finances this time co'z our friend Neil works with the member. Yet there's nothing we can do at the moment though.

We have plans, but our plans would depend on what would the leaders would say. So now... we just don't work with it yet to avoid frustrations and issues in our part. We will wait. So all we can do this time is pray that our plan is the Lord's too. We are also collecting office stuff even though we don't have the office yet, who knows tomorrow the Lord will bless us wit it. So far Neil has a three-in-one printer already and all we hope someone would donate or buy printers ink cartridges for it.

I really pray the Lord will grant us the desires of our heart and would give us the permanent church we are praying for.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Helping it go..

I, myself has hard times doing it specially in the morning. I need coffee to help me let it go. It's quite interesting to know these foods could help us. It also good to know about these facts to avoid eating these kinds specially when we're travelling or something. :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tired from my travels

As a family: we went to a place called Liliw Laguna (some place here in the Phils.) last Friday night. It was a three hour travel from Makati. We went their for my hubby's first church leaders meeting. We were almost up the whole night co'z the meeting started at nine o'clock in the evening (of course they waited for us to arrive co'z we came later than the first batch of leaders).

We came home in the morning of Saturday but arrived at our house almost night time. Then the following day which was Sunday, hubby and I went to attend our Sunday worship service in the afternoon and came home almost midnight that day. Then came Monday and we have another meeting again then my goddaughter b-day celebration at night. We came home almost midnight again that day.

So now... I got too tired from that activities we had. Poor hubby though co'z he has to do loads of work still today and the following days. I on the other hand is home but feeling tired still.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Traveling in y head

Yup.. there's load of places that I want to go local and abroad. Traveling is a part of me and I wish it won't end even if my get's all grey. I pray that the Lord will me and hubby a good old life when we gets older.

Places that's has been in my thoughts to go to:

Local:  Bohol, Palawan, Davao, actually all those that WOW Philippines is advertising. I really would like to go to Baguio, Benguet and Sagada again.

International Travel: Thailand, Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, Hongkong, Kuala Lumpur, Canada, US, UK and a lot more.

I know someday I could travel more than these places. God willing.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Long distance love affair

Below is a picture of my baby and her tita (aunt) Lian who made an slept-over at our house sometimes two weeks ago. Her fiance' is working overseas reasons why she would wake up anytime at night so that they can have a chat over skype. My sister in-law and her fiance' love my baby Z so much and sister in-law would let my baby talked to him. You can actually see in the picture how the two looked as  they talked to him... they seemed all enjoying on whatever topic they have. Sister in-law had bought a good headphone not just sure if it's a behringer headphones. But I could tell that it's a good one co'z my hubby even liked it and kept on borrowing it from her. Good headphones is really an investment specially when you are having a long distance love affair (in a good way)... just like my sister in-law love affair. :)

tita B-gel and baby Ziah