Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tired and Lazy

I've been everywhere these past few days or for a week I must say. I've been to the beach which I almost did not swim for the waves was a gigantic. I was at the beach for three days and the travel all in all were four days. It seems that for one and a half year... these was my busiest days ever.

For a long time only last last Monday did I traveled alone with no one with me, no hubby to depend on to. Praise God I made it, made it to  Makati all by myself.

And since I haven't done laundry for two weeks our dirty clothes stinks. I worked on it for two days and so now I am very tired, always hungry and very lazy. Guess... my weight is zooming in again, good help me!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My favorite couple

This two people are one of my favorite.
Hubby and I loves them. 
We wish to see them one of these days.
God willing.

We were at this place (Lake Louise) two years ago.
The sight was indeed marvelous.
It displays Gods glory.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is... thinking totoo lang. nakaka-asar na ang ganitong sitwasyon. siraan dito at doon.
..naaasar ako sa aking mga naririnig lalo na kung ito ay taliwas sa aking kaalaman.
..may mga tao naman na madaling manilawa porke't kaibigan nila ang nagkukwento. asar ko nag post ako sa wall ko ng... I may call it "notice".
..hay. madali talaga ang maging kristiyano pero mahirap magpaka-kristiyano.
..anyways, yon ay sarili ko lang naman opinion na pinapa-alam sa iba.
..I just can't sit down, listen and do nothing.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Yup.. people where everywhere. people where walking, looking and pushing. It's so stressful, you can't even see the ground your walking, and your being pushed away from your companions. It was crazy.. crazy tiring day. Its been said that loads of people are coming to this place during Christmas season and beginning of school year. But from the look I have the other day... it seems that nothing has change at all. It seems that everyday is Christmas day! - (Divisoria)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hospital Lab.. our next stop.
In a few hours hubby and I will be heading to the hospital lab near by. My OB has seen some bacteria from our  urinalysis result and has given us antibiotic to take and she suggested that will do the urinalysis again today to see if the bacteria had gone.

I'm hoping that we're all okay and this time the Lord will indeed give success to what we are doing and He indeed will grant the desires of our heart and that is to be able to conceive this month.  I know that the Lord honor the faith and hope of His children.

Happy Friday everyone! :)