Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm forever Vacation mode...

...and how could that be? Well...  I'm all at home looking after my baby (not complaining just explaining) and the need to go somewhere else is a must need thing to me. I need to breath a different type of air and see different things and people and experience new things.
...I know full well as well that I just came back from an out of town activity co'z I joined a youth camp. I really did not do anything there which I felt guilty of (when I was just there, and I am not anymore) co'z I felt that some people (not my pastor anymore, hihihi) kind of questioning my presence. Feeling the dislike made me promised myself not to go whenever they're around but how can that be when they always make themselves food in-charge on events like this. (so sad I cannot escape with their scrutinizing look!) that I am back home, my body and mind is still somewhere and still wanting to go somewhere. Actually, I wanna go book a room in a beach resort where I would do nothing and think nothing, just savor the beauty and goodness of the Lord!

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