Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's more fun in the Philippines (Vigan-Ilocos)

It was over a year ago when hubby and I visited this beautiful place together with a bunch of our friends. In fact it was our second time around, it's indeed a must see place you'll never get tired of seeing whenever you're around the vicinity. When you are in this place you'll never thought you're still in the Philippines co'z it feels like  you are in Spain or something like that. You'll never be able to drive you car on it's streets co'z it's prohibited, you'll either walk or ride in "Kalesa". No one is living here though but insides that houses are shops.

I wish to go back to this place again... God willing!

(photo not owned)

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  1. wow ganda naman dito.. jope I can visit this place!