Thursday, December 15, 2011

Want to go back to Cebu

Remembering our trip last year to Cebu and thinking the lechon (roasted pork) we had made me just want to go back again. Of course I feel more excited especially this time to visit places especialy that we have our baby and every trip planned has always with a dash of excitement. It's just made me sad that all the trips we planned this year did not happen due to some important happenings. But I still believe that God had just spare us from harm reason why He cancelled our trips, and I would be forever grateful for His love and protection for me and my family.

This coming year I am hoping that the Lord would bless me with more financial blessing and make me desire prosper. Because this year I would love to go to Hongkong, Singapore, Bangkok, Cambodia, and Indonesia. I know doing this trip means a lot of money as well. But I won't stop dreaming and believing knowing my God answers prayers and make our joy completes.

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