Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My mind wants to go but... pocket says no :(.

I want to go somewhere... to relax and think nothing of the things that worries me. Of course I want to do this with my family and friends. I wish I'm earning thousands of peso a day so that I have loads of money to spend. With earning a lot means I can spend a lot as well. I'm no money freak or something, all I wanna do is go somewhere relaxing and I want to pay for everything so that my friends and family will go with me without any hesitations because I'm the one paying. (sighing!)

My friends back then in college days was inviting me to go to a beach three hours away from the city by bus and boat. I said no I can't and one of my alibi was... my baby is sick and so I can't go with you. Truly... she was sick but is good already, one major reason though why I can't go was/is... we are short of budget and that really is sad.

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