Monday, September 26, 2011

A crazy move (A trip to the mall with a three months old)

It's been a while that I planned on going to the mall to buy my baby some clothes since all that she has won't fit her anymore. When I told hubby my idea he agreed as long as someone will take care of our baby while we're away. So.. I kept on waiting for in-laws to be available for my baby but unfortunately... everyone is busy.

I can't really help it any more, my heart and mind are set on going to the mall to buy the stuff. So I told hubby if it is possible to bring our little one and hubby said of course as long as she won't get afraid riding in the motorbike. My baby did nothing going to the mall, she was very accommodating and so we thought everything will be alright.

On our way home though something happens... and I have no idea what it is co'z all I know she doesn't want to ride on the  motorbike anymore. She cried like crazy and drew peoples attention. Goodness, I got scared and decided to walk with her, and while we're walking a man came and asked us what happened and when we explained things with him he told us to stay at the baranggay hall for awhile to calm the baby.

we stop in the middle of our ride to hush her with milk to no avail :(

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