Friday, August 19, 2011

Christ's Disciple (by: Toph P.)

A Disciple doesn’t look back
He doesn’t make excuses
He made up his mind and knows were he is going
He is heading to Jerusalem; to embrace the cross were his master was crucified

He was called not to be served but to serve
He will often say, Lord here am I!
For He must deny himself and take up his cross daily
And often he hears His master saying “Come follow me!”

He was instructed not to love the world or anything in this world but to love His enemies
His food was the bread of life and His only thirst was for the living water
He is very careful to the yeast of the Pharisees
For he is not after to the purity of the law but to the purity of the heart

He seeks only the Kingdom of God and His righteousness
His principle in life was the Sermon on the Mount
For he is blessed to share the afflictions of his Master
His Glory was in shame because of his obedience in following the Good Shepherd

His only Mission was to preach the Kingdom of Heaven
For in them he found contentment and true meaning of his existence
Nothing in this world can stop him in serving his King
Like a sharp arrow in the hands of his mighty King!

The only reason why he live is for Christ, and for him to die is gain
Even death no longer has mastery over him for he already found life through Him
A slave whose only wish is that Christ may increase and that he may continually decrease
His faith was built by the grace that is in the eyes of the one who died for Him.

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