Thursday, May 19, 2011

Something to think about today

Dealing with doubts

Inspired by: Life on purpose for men, by J.M. Farro
When the (evil) spirit saw Jesus, it immediately threw the boy into a convulsion. He fell to the ground and rolled around, foaming at the mouth. Jesus asked the boy’s father, “ How long he has been  like this?” “From childhood “, he answered. “It has often thrown him into fire or water to kill him. But if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us.”
“If you can?’” Jesus said. “Everything is possible to those who believes.”
Immediately the boys father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”
---Mark 9:20-24---

What have we been listening to lately? Are we listening to conversation of unbelief, worldly television, or negative music? Make sure that we also listen to the Word of God as much as possible. We should fill our empty time with His Word rather than the world’s choices. Let’s do this to increase our faith.

Lord, I want so much to have a perfect faith, but sometimes or rather most of the time I must confess that I struggle with doubt. During such times I want to ask You to help me overcome my unbelief. Increase my faith daily, and teach me to do my part so that I can cooperate with You for the perfecting of my faith. Thank you for giving me faith I need to receive all that You have for me! 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thailand-Cambodia Border

This picture was taken October last year when we have this trip with our young people to Siem Reap Cambodia to do some medical missions and hygiene clinic with people of some remote villages.   It was a very challenging thing to do because we do want to talk to them but we just can't understand their language. Good thing our contact group provide us some local who would translate whatever conversation we have with the people (Cambodian language were called Khmer).

It was indeed a good successful trip. Hope we could visit Siem Reap again in the future with friends.