Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not a lot traveling this time :(

I don't travel a lot this time, in fact I missed riding our motorbike with hubby. Aside form missing a lot of things by traveling, I also missed that traffic officer guy who took my heart away and became one of my inspiration why I made this blog. He is a hardworking nice traffic officer who deserves and award and increase in salary. I say such because I saw him working hard amidst a traffic scorching hot day. Even I saw him just from a distance I still knew that he was sweating pail-full unlike to some of his co-traffic officers who are standing at a shady place trying to chill out, but this man never leaves his post (which was in the middle of the crossroad highway).

I was wondering what would his children say or feel when they would see their dad working hard for their sake. If I'm one of the kids I probably boast my father and would study hard or work hard to earn good so that I could help my dad or if I'm really doing real good salary, I'll ask him to stop that work and find something not that dying-hot job.

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